There are five categories of members: Ordinary Members (NAS members); individual members (from nations without NAS); honorary members of distinction; group members (groups of scientific societies other than NAS with specific interest in the Autonomic Nervous System – non-NAS groups) and corporate members.

On payment of the annual dues, all members of the European NAS nominated by the NAS secretary shall become Ordinary Members of EFAS; all members of groups other than NAS nominated by the Group secretary shall become affiliated members of EFAS. Qualified individuals with a declared interest in basic or clinical aspects within the field of Autonomic Nervous System who belong to nations without NAS are entitled to apply for individual membership of EFAS pending institution of a NAS in their own nation. Applications must be submitted together with a curriculum vitae and acceptance will be decided by the Council.

Honorary members may be elected from among those who, in the opinion of the EFAS, have made an exceptional contribution to the field of autonomic nervous system. Honorary members shall be proposed by at least two members of the Council. They shall be elected by a majority vote of the Council.

Any organisation, company or foundation which has an interest in promoting basic and clinical aspects within the field of Autonomic Nervous System or is interested in the application of such subjects to other disciplines, shall be eligible for corporate membership of EFAS at the discretion of the Council.

If you want to become a member please contact us.