- - - 23rd EFAS Meeting 2022 - - -

in conjunction with the First Autonomic Congress from Romania

October 6-8, 2022, Hotel Alpin, Poiana Brasov (Romania)


EFAS Legend Award - Professor Max J. Hilz, Erlangen, Germany

 IMG 9751

Prof. M.J. Hilz

IMG 9750

From left to right: Prof. M.J. Hilz, DDr. A. Fanciulli, Prof. R.D. Thijs.



EFAS α-Synuclein Award (sponsored by the MSA Coalition) - Fabian Leys, Innsbruck, Austria

Portraitfoto Leys Fabian

Dr. F. Leys

IMG 9752

From left to right: Prof. W. Struhal, Prof. A. Pavy-LeTraon, Prof. R.D. Thijs, Dr. F. Leys, DDr. A. Fanciulli, Prof. C. Falup-Pecurariu.



 EFAS Audience Choice Award(s)


Laura Irincu, Brasov, Romania

 photo Laura Irincu small

Dr. L. Irincu

IMG 9749

From left to right: Prof. R.D. Thijs, as representative of Dr. L. Irincu her colleague E. Ungureanu, DDr. A. Fanciulli.



Nicole Campese, Innsbruck, Austria

  Portraitfoto 2

Dr. N. Campese

Audience Award 2022 NC

 From left to right: Prof. R.D. Thijs, Dr. N. Campese, DDr. A. Fanciulli.



EFAS Committee Award - Claire Georges, Toulouse, France

Photo portrait

Dr. C. Georges

Committee Award 2022 CG

 From left to right: Prof. R.D. Thijs, Dr. C. Georges, DDr. A. Fanciulli.




 - - - 22nd EFAS Meeting 2021 - - -

in conjunction with the 10th International Movement Disorders Teaching Course

November 25-27, 2021, virtual Congress (Poiana Brasov, Romania)


EFAS Abstract Prize - Fabian Leys, Innsbruck, Austria

 Portraitfoto Leys Fabian

  Dr. F. Leys




 - - - 20th EFAS Meeting 2019 - - -

in conjunction with the Dutch Society of Movement Disorders & the Dutch Autonomic Society

May 9-10, Leiden (Netherlands)


 EFAS Best Abstract Award - Alessandra Fanciulli, Innsbruck, Austria & Nicole Campese, Pisa, Italy

 EFAS Award 2019 Leiden

From left to right: Dr. N. Campese, DDr. A. Fanciulli, Prof. W. Struhal




 - - - 19th EFAS Meeting 2018 - - -

in conjunction with the 15th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (ICNMD)

July 6-7, Vienna (Austria)


 EFAS Abstract Prize


To be updated soon




 - - - 18th EFAS Meeting 2017 - - -

in conjunction with the First Congress of the Austrian Autonomic (Otto Loewi) Society

February 16-17, Innsbruck (Austria)


EFAS Best Poster Award - Lorenz Härtner, Innsbruck, Austria

EFAS Haertner Credits R Schober

From left to right: Prof. W. Struhal, Dr. L. Härtner, Prof. A. Pavy-LeTraon, Prof. G.K. Wenning.

(Photo credit: R. Schober)