February 16-17, 2017
Innsbruck, Austria

pdf Programme

endorsed by:
American Autonomic Society
International Parkinson‘s Disease and Movement Disorders Society
International Neuro-Urology Society
European MSA Study Group (EMSA-SG)
NeuroSPIN – Signal Processing in Neurons
Innsbruck Medical University

Congress president
G. K. Wenning, MD, PhD, MSc

Congress secretary
A. Fanciulli MD, PhD

Scientific committee
P. Cortelli, MD; Bologna
A. Fanciulli, MD, PhD; Innsbruck
M. Hilz, MD; Erlangen
J. Jordan, MD, PhD; Hannover
H. Kaufmann, MD; New York
L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, PhD; New York
A. Pavy Le Traon, MD; Toulouse
I. Rocha, MD; Lisbon
J.M. Senard, MD; Toulouse
W. Struhal, MD; Linz
R. Thijs, MD; Leiden
G. Van Dijk, MD; Leiden
G.K. Wenning, MD PhD MSc; Innsbruck

Congress Organizer
R. Kerschbaumer

Local organizing committee
Mag. G. Schobesberger
S. Eschlböck, MD

Kongress 2017


from left to right: Congress secretary A. Fanciulli (Innsbruck), Congress president GK Wenning (Innsbruck), N. Quinn (London) giving the Otto Loewi Memorial Lecture, H. Kaufmann (New York), EFAS president W. Struhal (Austria)