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 EFAS School | EFAS Meeting | PDF download

 Update: EFAS School - sold out, EFAS Meeting - free places left

Endorsed by:

  • American Autonomic Society
  • International Parkinson‘s Disease and Movement Disorders Society
  • International Neuro-Urology Society
  • European MSA Study Group (EMSA-SG)
  • NeuroSPIN – Signal Processing in Neurons
  • Innsbruck Medical University



Thursday, 16th February 2017


EFAS School



Welcome –G. K. Wenning, Innsbruck and W. Struhal, Linz


A Physiologist`s view on ANS function

I. Rocha, Lisbon


A Neurologist`s view on ANS function

H. Lahrmann, Vienna

Autonomic work stations

(2 groups, max n=10, 45 minutes)

Background/case presentations


Rotation: 10.15-10.25

Tilt table testing

A. Fanciulli, Innsbruck / A. Pavy Le Traon, Toulouse


Rotation: 10.15-10.25

Unclassified TLOC: history taking in the emergency room and in the syncope clinic

M. Sojer, Innsbruck / J. G. Van Dijk , Leiden


Coffee break


Rotation: 12.25-12.35

Seizure or syncope: role of Video-EEG monitoring

I. Unterberger, Innsbruck / R. Thijs, Leiden


Rotation: 12.25-12.35

Urogenital function testing

G. Kiss, Innsbruck / D.B. Vodusek, Ljubljana




Rotation: 14.45-14.55

Gastrointestinal dysfunction

H. Zoller, Innsbruck / A. Finkenstedt, Innsbruck


Rotation: 14.45-14.55

Sleep disorders

B. Högl, Innsbruck / G. Calandra-Buonaura, Bologna

15.40 – 16.00

Coffee break


Round Table discussion: Diagnosis and management of supine hypertension

A. Fanciulli, Innsbruck / G. Calandra-Buonaura, Bologna /S. Eschlboeck, Innsbruck / M. Hilz, London / J. Jordan, Hannover / H. Kaufmann, New York / L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, New York / A. Pavy Le Traon, Toulouse/ D. Robertson, Nashville / W. Struhal, Linz / R. Thijs, Leiden /J. G. Van Dijk , Leiden / G.K. Wenning, Innsbruck, on behalf of the EFAS/AAS Joint Taskforce on supine hypertension

(EFAS/AAS Position Statement to be submitted to CAR)


Friday, 17th February 2017


EFAS Meeting


08.30 -08.40

Opening ceremony:

W. Struhal, Linz – EFAS President

G. K. Wenning, Innsbruck – EFAS 2017 Congress President


Session I

Primary autonomic failure


G.K. Wenning, Innsbruck and G. Ransmayr, Linz


Otto Loewi Memorial Lecture – The many faces of multiple system atrophy

N. Quinn, London


Biomarkers in α-synucleinopathies: an update – I. Stankovic, Belgrade


Cardiovascular autonomic failure: diagnosis and prognosis –A. Fanciulli, Innsbruck


Cardiovascular autonomic failure: therapeutic advances – H. Kaufmann, New York


Neurogenic bladder in MSA and PD: new insights – H. Madersbacher, Innsbruck


Preclinical MSA testbeds: what is in the pipeline – N. Stefanova, Innsbruck


Interventional MSA trials: why have they failed so far? – F. Krismer, Innsbruck



Coffee break


Session II

Sleep and epilepsy


B. Högl, Innsbruck and G. Calandra-Buonaura, Bologna


RBD in neurodegenerative diseases – F. Provini, Bologna


IGLON 5: REM Parasomnia with autonomic involvement – B. Högl, Innsbruck


Narcolepsy: translational evidence – A.Silvani, Bologna


Ictal asystole: life threatening vagal storm or a benign seizure self-termination? – R. Thijs, Leiden


Sudden death in familial dysautonomia: Mechanisms and risk factors – Horacio Kaufmann, New York



Lunch and poster session

Chairs: G.K. Wenning, Innsbruck/ A. Pavy Le Traon, Toulouse


Session III

Syncope and Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)


J. G. Van Dijk, Leiden and G.K. Wenning, Innsbruck


Vasovagal syncope with asystole: to pace or not to pace? M. Brignole, Lavagna


Psychogenic pseudosyncope: diagnosis and follow-up– J.G. Van Dijk, Leiden


POTS or POTSs? Critical reappraisal of the pathophysiology – W. Struhal, Linz


Session IV

Genetic autonomic disorders


H. Kaufmann, New York and M. T. Pellecchia, Salerno


Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathies – L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, New York


Autonomic dysfunction in LAARK 2 Parkinson cases – B. Tijero, Bilbao


Contursi Parkinson disease cohort – M. T. Pellecchia, Salerno


Interventional therapies in Fabry`s disease – M. Hilz, London



Coffee break


Session V

Botulinum-Toxin in autonomic disorders


S. Bösch, Innsbruck and G.K. Wenning, Innsbruck


Hyperhidrosis – S. Bösch, Innsbruck


Esophageal motility disorders – H. Zoller, Innsbruck


Detrusor hyperreflexia – D. Vodusek, Ljubljana



Oral presentations of selected abstracts incl. EFAS Best Poster Award


Concluding remarks


EFAS Board meeting


Innsbruck, 16 th -17 th February 2017

Medizin Zentrum Anichstraße –Anichstraße 35, Innsbruck, Austria

EFAS warmly welcomes you to the EFAS School and Meeting 2017!

EFAS School:

Autonomic nervous system (ANS) disorders are common and more and more recognized as important subspecialty of neurology. Detailed knowledge on this important field is rather sparse especially among junior neurologists. Until recently there was no structured education for ANS disorders in Europe. To provide a structured curriculum, the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS) initiated the EFAS School. This education is both theoretical as well as “hands-on” training. International leading experts teach and discuss clinical autonomic function disorders on a problem-oriented basis. Discussions are motivated during the course to stimulate interactivity.


EFAS Meeting:

The EFAS meeting presents clinically relevant topics in autonomic nervous system research. Leading experts of their field present elaborate new knowledge on cardiovascular autonomic failure, sleep and epilepsy, Syncope and Postural orthostatic tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), genetic autonomic disorders, and botulinum toxin in autonomic disorders. Autonomic disorders are commonly found in many clinical conditions but sparsly recognized. This clinically oriented meeting will provide clinical guides through autonomic conditions.


endorsed by:

American Autonomic Society

International Parkinson‘s Disease and Movement Disorders Society

International Neuro-Urology Society

European MSA Study Group (EMSA-SG)

NeuroSPIN – Signal Processing in Neurons

Innsbruck Medical University



Congress president

G. K. Wenning, MD, PhD, MSc

Scientific committee

P. Cortelli, MD Bologna

A. Fanciulli, MD, PhD Innsbruck

M. Hilz, MD Erlangen

J. Jordan, MD, PhD Hannover

H. Kaufmann, MD New York

L. Norcliffe-Kaufmann, PhD New York

A. Pavy Le Traon, MD Toulouse

I. Rocha, MD Lisbon

J.M. Senard, MD Toulouse

W. Struhal, MD Linz
R. Thijs, MD

G. Van Dijk, MD Leiden

G.K. Wenning, MD PhD MSc Innsbruck

Congress Organizer

R. Kerschbaumer

Congress secretary

A. Fanciulli MD, PhD

Local organizing committee

Mag. G. Schobesberger

S. Eschlböck, MD



Please register online through this form. Confirmation of registration as well as the bank details for wiring the registration fee will be sent by e-mail. Please note that payment of your registration fee is necessary to complete the registration process.

Please note that the number of registrations to EFAS School only is limited to 20 delegates!

EFAS School and Meeting
Update: EFAS School sold out - Meeting still open for registration
Medical Center Anichstraße (MZA), Innsbruck, Austria, February 16th and 17th

End of online registration: 01.02.2017

Registration Category
Consultant Physicians, per day € 120,-
Others, per day € 80,